Armand Aucamp is one of the hottest celebs in South Africa. His fans either want to be with him or want to be him. Now he’s sharing his secret with everyone: He only eats whole, naked food in the form of the so called “banting” or “keto” lifestyle. With his high-fat-low-carbs (HFLC) diet he maintains his lean ripped body and keeps his fans swooning. But Armand doesn’t punish himself with banting or keto. After acting his biggest passion is cooking. Since he’s discovered the HFLC lifestyle, he’s come up with so many creative ways to make healthy food delicious that he’s decided to share his recipes in book form. Nude consists of 50 HFLC recipes that are banting and keto friendly. Beautiful step-by-step pictures assist the readers in recreating the scrumptious dishes from beautiful, whole foods. Choose between egg and meat dishes, carb free pastas and yummy deserts without ever feeling like you’re dieting.

About a month ago Armand Aucamp’s book Armand Kook Kaal was released in English (Nude) with 50 scrumptious recipes for the health conscious that would like to indulge this winter in easy Banting/Keto delicacies. Eat like a king, while you work on your summer body.

Armand Aucamp

We decided to put it to the test and sent a copy to CrossFit Taniwha in Pretoria East.

“These recipes look like sinful cheat meals!” said the head coach, Wesley Beyers, and then added “But when you inspect it closer, you soon realize how nutritious and healthy it really is. It is a good meal habit to follow with a balanced workout to ensure a head start in you quest for better performance and that beach body.”

CrossFit Taniwha will give some feedback throughout July.


On this Workout Wednesday we are paring their WOD (Workout of the Day) with Armand’s Cream Cheese-and-Biltong balls. It is ideal for a post workout snack on your way home, or as Wesley puts it, “You might just enjoy one while you wait for your teammate to finish a rep.”

CrossFit Workout

(Please only attempt this if you are trained in CrossFit technique)


5min Easy Bike and then PVC Snatch drills


(Every 90 seconds for 8 rounds) 2x Squat snatch. [Set 1-4 Moderate][Set 5-8 Heavy]

CrossFit WOD:   

(AMRAP 4 mins) – 7 Hang Power snatch (43/29) and 5 Box jumps

Rest for 2 mins

(AMRAP 4 mins) – 7 Hang Power snatch (43/29) and 5 Box jumps

Note: AMRAP – As many repetitions as possible.

Easy do it at home WOD


5min stretching

See instruction here: How do I stretch?

5min walk or run (depending on your fitness level) – Walking is fine when you just start out. Don’t push yourself too hard on your first day. It will become easier as you go.


Every minute on the minute (EMOM) for 4mins

5 squats and 5 skips (rope)

See instructions here: How to do a squat and How to skip rope

Do it at home WOD:

As many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) for 4 mins

7 Push ups and 7 Step ups (please ensure safety when stepping up onto a box)

See instructions here: How to do a push up and How to do a step up

Rest for 2 mins

As many repetitions as possible (AMRAP) for 4 mins

7 Sit ups and 7 Step ups (please ensure safety when stepping up onto a box)

See instructions here: How to do a sit up and How to do a step up

*DISCLAIMER: LAPA Publishers and CrossFit Taniwha cannot be held responsible for any injury due to irresponsible practice or any other form of harm caused due to participation in this workout. Please ensure safety when attempting any of the workouts or visit your nearest gym facility for guidance if you are not sure. Please visit your health physician or doctor to ensure that you are fit enough to do any exercise before attempting this workout.

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